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High Desert Soundings is a two-day outdoor music festival near Joshua Tree National Park in the California High-Desert. The festival is held at the Palms Restaurant in Wonder Valley, a homesteading frontier community sprawled across 180 square miles. The Palms is the only restaurant in Wonder Valley and the primary meeting place for the diverse group of artists, free spirits and isolationists who make up the valley's tiny population. Wonder Valley's natural beauty and remarkable quiet set the stage for unique and immersive performances. 

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We are dedicated to presenting performances by musicians and sound artists from across the spectrum of experimental sound practices. Featured artists draw from styles including but not limited to new and contemporary concert music, free jazz and improvisation, noise, drone and outsider pop music.  We believe that by relocating these diverse musical practices outside of their sometimes restrictive social environments we can help foster a more dynamic and inclusive experimental music community. 


While we do not solicit submissions from musicians/artists we are happy to receive them. If you are interested in performing at a future High Desert Soundings, feel free to contact us.



High Desert Soundings was founded by cellist TJ Borden and composer Daniel Meyer-O'Keeffe in 2017. We have featured performances from

Wolf Eyes, Sarah Hennies, Vinny Golia, Audrey Chen and Phil Minton, Palberta, Jeph Jerman, Jack Wright, Carolyn Chen and many more. 

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